solid state logic 6060g+ fitted with “brown" e series eqs
atc sm25a monitors
krk 9000 monitors
yamaha ns-10s
pure evoke radio
neve 1095 (8)
avalon ad2022 (2)
empirical labs mik-e (2)
urei 1176ln blackface (2)
neve 33609 stereo compressor
chandler zener stereo limiter
dbx 162 stereo compressor
a designs hm-2 nail
tube tech lca-2b
api 2500 stereo compressor
empircal labs distressor (3)
teletronix la-2a
cbs volumemax
maxson dept of commerce limiter
alesis 3630 stereo compressor
waves l2 stereo limiter
transient designer
chandler curvebender stereo equalizer
gml 8200 stereo equalizer
pultec eqp-1a
pultec eqh-2 (2)
tube tech pe-1c (2)
kush electra stereo equalizer
kush clariphonic stereo parallel equalizer
bricasti m7
ams rmx16 reverb
eventide h3000
lexicon pcm 60
lexicon pcm 42 (2)
roland dimension d
roland re-201 space echo
akg c12
akg c28 (2)
akg 414 (3)
akg 460 (2)
neumann u87
neumann u89
telefunken cu-29
soundeluxe 251
coles 4038 (2)
royer 121 (2)
aea r84
sennheiser 421 (4)
ev re20
ev n/d 686
ev re15
blue dragonfly
rode nt5 (2)
apex custom modified 460 (2)
shure sm57 (3)
shure sm58 (3)
moog voyager blue
emu emulator ii
ensoniq esq-1
korg ms-20
roland juno 106
arturia minibrute
fender 62’ jazzmaster
rickenbacker 360 12-string
fender jazz bass 75’ reissue
amps by victoria, fender, vox, roland, and more…
custom eames 5 piece drumset
1964 ludwig 5 piece drumset
extensive assortment of vintage snare drums and vintage cymbals